Trash Hauling and Trash Removal Services, Anchorage

A Guide to Effective Trash Removal and Trash Hauling in Anchorage, Alaska

With winter approaching, you may decide it’s time to do some sorting and re-organization in your house, garage, attic or basement. Inevitably, there’s trash after a major home clean-up and you might need trash hauling services.

As residents of Anchorage, we all have our duties to ensure that the trash from our homes is handled responsibly. The Municipality of Anchorage has instituted some limits to what can be taken to the local Transfer Station.

For instance, Commercial loads, such as re-modeling / construction debris, must be taken to Hiland in Eagle River.  Refrigerators now have to go to Hiland and there will be a surcharge for Freon Removal.

Hazmat materials, such as paint cans, propane canisters, old car batteries, used oil, etc. all have to go to the City’s Hazmat location in Hiland.  Even old Televisions and CRT monitors cannot be taken to the Transfer Station in town.

Want to donate items instead of throwing them away?

You’ll need to call your charity ahead of time to be sure they’ll take the item.  You might check out the Salvation Army, Goodwill and Bishop’s Attic.  There are also other smaller charitable locations throughout town.

The wood lot is closed for the winter, so bags of leaves and tree limbs will have to go to the Transfer Station.  Remember, tree limbs have to be cut down to 6 feet or less.

Trash removal and management is a complex process. However, if everyone keeps in mind the information about the right way to dispose trash, we can definitely work towards achieving effective trash hauling and ultimately a cleaner city.

Tony’s Enterprises can help you with your trash hauls.  We have several different-sized trucks, and the manpower you’ll need to get stuff out and away.  By the way, we can also help you with the re-organizing part. You can hire one or two men to move boxes, furniture, etc.

Just give us a call at 907-562-5068 or drop in your service request here.