Must Do’s for Home Winter Maintenance in Anchorage

Home Winter Maintenance in Anchorage

Winter is wonderful magical season, with all the fresh snow and holiday cheer in the air. With all the joy, comes the hard work of making sure that you and your home is ready for it all. As the seasons change, so does your check-list of small and not-so small chores that can dampen your holiday spirit.

Here’s a few tips and tricks that will help you get your home ready for the winter & holiday season in Anchorage. 

A winter checklist is essential!

Decorations and lightingEvery holiday brings with it the joy of decorations & lighting, so make sure you’ve got a checklist on hand well in advance. Check your lights & lighting fixtures, and get them tended to as early as you can. In case, you are not sure where to begin, get professional help in checking for all lighting fixtures and replace the faulty ones on time.

Be organized!

winter tool kitWhether it’s to do with holiday lighting or winter preparation for the home. Use zip-ties to keep your lights from getting tangled, and place the bundles in separate boxes to ensure they’re easy to access when you need them. Keeping tools, hoses & ropes organized and stored together means time saved when you’re in the middle of winter preparation and installing decorations. Also remember to follow this tip while storing the Holiday lights after the holiday season.

Safety is the key!

Snow blowerWinter means slippery ground and one has to be wary of taking that step to avoid mishaps. Having a good quality shovel & snow blower to clear snow from your driveway, sidewalk, roof and deck will give you a safe environment in the icy, cold months. When you are installing lights, be extra careful about ladder safety. Sanding on the drive way can also help avoid slippery surfaces. Also remember in the interest of safety of others, avoid pushing the snow into the street, across the street, into an alley or the middle of a cul-de-sac.

Don’t postpone small repairs!

Fix small repairsSince we’re talking safety, small things, if left unattended can prove to be dangerous when you have lot of people movement around the house especially during the holidays. Prioritize these repairs and install sturdy handrails at your staircases around the property to provide support for when the snow on the stairs freezes into ice.

If you don’t have the time to carry out these chores, we are happy to lend a helping hand. With a range of winter services ranging from Snow Removal, Holiday Lighting, Handyman and Trash Hauls, we can make it happen and offer you the opportunity to enjoy this season stress free with your dear ones.

Tony Lawrence
Tony Lawrence started Tony’s Enterprises nearly 35 years ago by offering landscape and lawn maintenance services to Anchorage, Alaska residents. Over the years he’s added needed services, such as trash hauls and handyman. Now, Tony’s is the service to call to get your job done!
Tony Lawrence