We offer a variety of Winter Services for both Residential & Commercial customers.

SnowPlowing– once we have 2” accumulation, our crews are activated.  If you are on our Plow List, we will automatically provide service – no call necessary!

You can choose to call-in for service during a snowfall and we will fit you in as soon as possible.

Please remember – we cannot push snow into the street, across the street, into an alley or the middle of a cul-de-sac.

For those customers who prefer Snow Blowing, we’ve got you covered!  Your snow will be blown up onto your yard where you indicate.

We are happy to shovel your sidewalks, decks, etc.  Please let us know your preferences when you sign up for services.

Other snow-related services that we offer:

Roof Shoveling, Snow Removal(scooping up your snow and hauling it away).  Just call us!

We offer Holiday Lights and Decorations Installation and Removal, as well as setting timers, managing extension cords, etc.

  • Pricing

    Snow Services – we charge on a per occurrence basis.

    Holiday Lights – $65.00 per man per hour plus materials