Things to Consider for Outdoor Holiday Lighting This Season

Things to consider for Holiday Lighting this season

It’s time to start thinking about outdoor Holiday Lighting. And it is the perfect time to start planning and implementing your holiday lighting design ideas for your home in Anchorage.  If you want your Holiday Lighting to really stand out and even better than the previous years’ design, now is the time to act.

Here’s quick guide to help you decide on how to go about creating that magical effect for your home this year:

What type of lights do I need?

Using LED lights for decorationThere are lots of outdoor lighting options – stringing lights along the roof line, doors and windows. Twinkling lights in shrubs close to the house are appealing and circling around tree bases and up into the branches are also popular. A plethora of light options can already be found at the Super Stores around town.  There are LED white lights that look almost look blue in color, and come in several sizes.  Some people string color lights before the holidays and then switch to white or crystal lights in January.  Be sure to plan ahead to get everything you need before you start stringing.

 Tip: Don’t forget extension cords and timers!  Plug in all light strands before hanging so you don’t get unpleasantly surprised once everything is all up!  Check all wires for frays and don’t use them!

Safety while using ladderSafety is a real concern

Be sure your ladder is well placed and secure before climbing.  With snow and ice on the ground, things can slip really fast. And always have a ‘spotter’ – someone on the ground holding the ladder in place.

Creative lighting ideasGet creative

Don’t limit yourself to just lights – there are all kinds of holiday decorations that should be well-seated and create that wonderful effect


Tip: Once the holiday season is over, carefully take down and store your lights and decorations for next year. Remember ladder safety!


So, you have decided on the lights and spent a fortune on buying them. If DIY lighting is not your thing and you would like that professional touch to your Holiday Lighting, reach out to us here.

We can definitely help install those carefully picked lighting elements, while you get more time to enjoy the season with friends & family and less time to worry about your tangled lights and display.

Give us a call at 877-534-7813 or submit a service request here for a quote.

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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